Assessment & Evaluation Tools for Your Program

Restorative Justice in the workplaceEffective assessment and evaluation tools are critical for schools who are implementing restorative practices and restorative discipline initiatives. Assessment and evaluation tools help create evidence-based programs and results which are useful for showing grant makers, school administrators and school staff that restorative practices do work.

Effective programs are ones which can pinpoint the exact problem to be solved and provide ongoing feedback so that the efforts can be revised as needed. A verified and sustainable positive culture and climate achieves its ideal when assessment and evaluation occurs at all levels of the organization and among all stakeholders.

Restorative Solutions offers comprehensive tools and services for assessment and evaluation at the staff, school building and district level, including the following:

1)      Performance Review Standards and Expectations

  • Development and/or review of employee performance measurement expectations and standards for Restorative Practices. Rubrics provided for Restorative behaviors, attributes and practices for Administrators, licensed and classified staff.
  • Tools and coaching for administrators and staff on demonstrating, collecting, documenting evidence for highly effective modeling and implementing Restorative Practices with students, staff and community stakeholders

2)      Evaluation, Growth and Sustainability

  • Training and implementation tracking system development at the grade, building, and district level
  • Survey design and development for implementation and sustainability evaluation to include students, all staff an, parents and community stakeholders
  • Evaluation of correlation between discipline referrals and Restorative Practices training and implementation
  • Restorative Practices immersion pilot plan by school or a designated feeder system (recommended)

Restorative Solutions has recently been working with a large school district to further develop its assessment and evaluation tools. We began by developing evaluation instruments for some Denver Public Schools and have since continued to work on these instruments with a number of schools across the country.

We are excited to work collaboratively with schools and school districts to create meaningful tools that are empowering, realistic, and helpful in determining the success of restorative practices at all levels. Feel free to give us a call to talk about what resources we can provide and how we can help.

12 Indicators of RP Implementation Checklists 2019.8.21