Community Group Conferencing Facilitator Training

Becoming a Community Group Conferencing Facilitator
16 to 24 Hour Training

This training is designed for those who want to be trained in community group conferencing in their community group conferencing ft collinscommunity. Participants will come away with a thorough understanding of restorative justice and how these skills and processes fit into a community’s overall mission of creating safe, caring climates based on respect, responsibility, and repair of harm.

While we will use a variety of teaching tools to keep you engaged including short presentations, real life stories, small group work, dyads, video and large group discussions, much of our focus will be on demonstrating and practicing the process of restorative conferencing and mediation. This training is highly participatory and will involve role playing as a significant part of the learning process. Again, our goal is to keep the pace of the day moving and full of variety.

This training is ideal for program coordinators, volunteers, probation officers, social workers etc. who want to learn and practice the principles of restorative conferencing to handle issues of wrongdoing and serious harm. Each participant will come away with a restorative justice training manual.

To schedule a training, contact Catherine Childs at