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Students in CircleRestorative Solutions, Inc. offers a fresh approach to creating safe and welcoming communities and improving our response to wrongdoing, crime and conflict—in schools, justice systems, and workplaces. Our clients recognize the potential of restorative justice and restorative practices and are committed to creating healthy organizations and communities of engaged and caring citizens.

We are dedicated to inspiring and supporting individuals, organizations and communities to embrace restorative community justice values, principles and practices. We encourage the use of these principles and practices to bring out the best response to wrongdoing, crime and conflicts in a wide variety of settings and to create a climate of belonging where all voices are heard and valued.

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How Do We Implement Restorative Practices?

*Our 2nd Annual Restorative Practices in Schools FALL 2020 Training Institute will take place virtually on Nov 9-17th: (Intro to RPS- Nov 9-10; Restorative Mediation & Conferencing- Nov 12-13; & Active Implementation & Evaluation- Nov 16-17) using Zoom. See our webpage for details of the training. 


*We will hold our next Training of Trainers in May of 2021. See our webpage for details. 

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