How Do We Implement Restorative Practices?

Restorative Solutions, Inc. builds everything we do on the evidence-based approach of Implementation Science. We want our schools to create initiatives that last—with fidelity. This means working in five key phases:


We use various assessment tools to understand the infrastructure, leadership, culture and protocols unique to each school and assess readiness for implementation of Restorative Practices. Our tools can be used at the beginning of or during implementation.


Using results from the assessment data, we co-create a “go slow to go fast” action plan by identifying the school’s assets, needs and priorities, often starting with the training of a Core Team. We have 3 distinct Action Plan options for moving forward.


Our standard trainings include: 1) Introduction to Restorative Practices (Proactive), 2) Restorative Practices for Administrators (Responsive), and 3) Implementation Science and Data Collection (Reflective). Each are designed for use among staff and use with students.


We work in classrooms and in meeting rooms to model, coach and empower staff to build on the skills they learned in training. Coaching is essential to building skills, building relationships and increasing buy-in and fidelity. (According to the literature, full implementation = 50% or more doing it with fidelity, in part due to constant staff turnover)


The overall focus of our approach is to build capacity, ensure fidelity and create ongoing improvement cycles. We work with school leaders to reflect, improve, innovate and institutionalize Restorative Practices by integrating its practices into the classroom, discipline system, school policies, and overall school culture. We help schools go through the normal ups and downs of implementation and seek to develop trainers within the school.

Our approach to Restorative Practices focuses on learning key principles and values, building skills within a school, and intentionally shaping the internal culture–of both adults and young people—by shifting from traditional, punitive discipline to a restorative, relational approach.

We believe it takes 3-7 years for schools to create a fully restorative school culture!

How Do We Implement Restorative Practices