We are highlighting a handful of restorative practices articles that seem especially useful for Restorative Justice in Education practitioners. Please let us know if there are other key articles you would like us to include so that others may be aware of them.

The Case for a Racially-Conscious, Culturally Competent Restorative Movement

How to Keep Your Restorative Justice Program from Failing

We Cannot Return to “Normal”: A Post-COVID Call for a Systems Approach to Implementing RJ in Education

The Starts and Stumbles of Restorative Justice in Education: Where Do We Go from Here?

5 Reasons Implementation of Restorative Practices Fails in Schools

Chris Martin Article RPS at Skinner MS

Connection Circles: How to Establish a Restorative Circle Practice

Improving Schools Needs and Readiness Assessments for Implementing School-wide Restorative Practices

PBIS-RM article Riestenberg

Individual and Collective Responsibility in a Restorative Framework

Making “Affective Statements” More Effective in Restorative Practices

Reimer: The Kids Do A Better Job Of It Than We Do

Restorative Vision for Schools-Kay Pranis

Restorative Practice History, Successes & Challenges

Teacher Consultation to Enhance Implementation of School-Based Restorative Justice

Restoring Racial Justice

Promising Strategies for Reducing Disproportionate Discipline

Discipline Disparities

Discipline Myth Busters

Ending Racial Discipline Disparities

How Educators Can Eradicate Disparities in School Discipline

How Can Restorative Practices Decrease School to Prison Pipeline Occurrences for Black Male Students (dissertation)

New and Developing Research on Disparities in Discipline

Policy Recommendations for Reducing Discipline Disparities

A Proactive Approach to Discipline

How to Use Restorative Justice in Your Classroom and School

RJE Resources 2019

Science Cannot Fix This: The Limitations of Evidence-Based Practice

Can PBIS Build Justice Rather than Merely Restore Order?

Critical Race Theory and Restorative Justice in Education

When SEL is Used as Another Form of Policing

Bullying and Victimization in Schools: A Restorative Justice Approach