District-wide Implementation of Restorative Practices

Restorative Justice in the workplaceDistrict-wide implementation of Restorative Practices can create a complete culture change within a school district—and do so in a way that makes it last. By working on policies and practices which are implemented in the classroom, the meeting room, the board room and the “drawing board” room, school districts can become leaders in the nationwide Restorative Practices movement and an inspiration to other districts across the country.

District-wide implementation occurs by building healthy, inclusive school communities and restorative responses to conflict and wrongdoing at all levels and with all stakeholders. It occurs when consistent policies and practices are put in place for teachers, administrators, students and parents.

Restorative Solutions offers comprehensive services for developing district-wide restorative policies and practices. They include the following:

1)      Culture, Climate and Readiness Assessment

  • District, school, and classroom culture, climate and readiness assessment survey: design, development, implementation and evaluation for students, licensed and classified staff, administrators, parents and community stakeholders.
  • Focus group design and evaluation
  • Code of Conduct, Discipline Policies and Procedures, and Rights and Responsibilities review for alignment with Restorative Practices principles, values and practices
  • Evaluation of Professional Development expectations and opportunities related to school culture and climate

2)      Customized Strategic Development for District and Building Level Goals and Objectives

  • One to five year implementation plans for introduction, growth sustainability, and evaluation systems
  • Integration with existing initiatives such as PBIS, RTI, SEL, CRE, and Second Step
  • Tools for evaluation and sustainability such as practice reflection exercises, documentation and debriefing at all levels of the organization

3)      Professional Development

  • Course development at the administrator, certified and classified level developed and structured to meet credit requirements for your district’s professional development system
  • Required formative and summative assessments for successful course completion. Assessment evaluations can be provided by Restorative Solutions, by request.
  • Incentive system development at the building level that rewards training and corresponding levels of implementation

Restorative Solutions has been working with schools and school districts for over 30 years and we bring a wealth of experience to your efforts in creating long lasting programs that are integrated throughout the district. Please give us a call to talk further about your interests and how we might be able to help.

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