Our Summer Institute in Restorative Practices for Schools

We’re happy to announce that every year, we hold our Summer Institute in Restorative Practices for Schools in early June! The training is often held in two locations: 1) Longmont, Colorado and 2) Aurora, Colorado. (See our website for current details.)


This Summer Institute is a collaborative project between Restorative Solutions and the Denver Foundation. Each year’s training often has 145 participants over 8 days. Given the expertise of the trainers involved, it should be one of the best trainings you can get from folks who are working daily in the field.

Introduction to Restorative Practices: The first three days of the training are dedicated to exploring the fundamental values and principles of restorative practices, including opportunities to learn and practice connection circles, restorative language and conversations, and restorative agreement meetings. Participants will come away with the knowledge and skills to develop, promote and integrate restorative practices which complement and support existing initiatives.

Restorative Mediation and Conferencing: A second two days of the training will be a two-day intensive dedicated to restorative mediation and conferencing for school personnel regularly responsible for addressing discipline issues. Steps in each of these two formal processes will be covered. Coaches will be present during practice sessions and questions regarding integration with existing discipline practices will be addressed. Participants will come away with the tools and knowledge to conduct both restorative mediations and conferencing. On-site opportunities for coaching may be made available upon request.

Active Implementation and Evaluation for Teachers and Administrators: The last three days of the training will focus on evidence-based implementation of restorative practices. Topics include culture and climate assessment, identification of strengths and roadblocks, stakeholder participation and support, professional development recommendations, staff and administrator rubrics for restorative practices effectiveness evaluation, using restorative practices to address staff and student conflict, and building a sustainable community of practice. Participants will come away with a full understanding of best practices for restorative practices implementation for the unique needs of their school and/or district.

June (M-W): Introduction to Restorative Practices
June (Th-Fri): Restorative Mediation and Conferencing
June (M-W): Active Implementation and Evaluation

Times: 8:30-4:00

Location: Longmont, CO (near Boulder)

Costs: $450 (3 day); $300 (2 day); $675 (5 day); $800 (6 day); $1,050 (8 day)

Registration information and deadlines: See our website for details or contact Randy Compton 303-449-2737; rcompton@restorativesolutions.us Late May 2019 deadline.

Prerequisites: For days 4-5 & 6-8, background training required. Contact us for details.

We hope to see you there!

Randy Compton
President & Co-founder, Restorative Solutions, Inc.