Advanced Training Institute- Restorative Practices in Schools

We will be holding our 2nd Annual Advanced Training in Restorative Practices in Schools using Zoom on 3 Saturdays: February 19th and 26th and March 12th, 2022.

This three day advanced training (1, 2, or 3 day options) in Restorative Practices is something that’s been in the works for awhile and we’re excited to offer it. See our About Us page for details of our training staff.

(To download the 2022 flyer, click here: Advanced Training RPS Flyer 2022)

Deepen Your Understanding and Practice of Restorative Justice in Schools in One or All of These 3 Saturday Trainings

Implementing restorative practices in schools takes time. It takes a willingness to reflect on one’s own skills and ability to engage in this mindset. And it takes a willingness to “sharpen the saw” on a regular basis with other practitioners on the path.

These trainings will dive deeper into the issues of restorative practices in schools:

  • Harm Repair Circles
  • Integrating Cultural Responsivity
  • Learning Circles
  • RP and Bullying
  • Addressing issues of power, control and privilege
  • Letting go of some control and embracing shared decision-making.

Implementing restorative practices often takes 3-5 years before a school community—your colleagues, your students, and your parent community—is fully engaged in the process and practices of the restorative approach.

The possibilities and the potential for transformative change in your school is enormous—but it takes ongoing practice, reflection and being an excellent role model.

From every day tools for the classroom to school and district-wide implementation strategies, come learn some next-level practices in how to achieve dramatic results with Restorative Practices.

Advanced Training in Restorative Practices*: ($195)
Saturday Feb. 19th
Participants will dive deeper into the next level practices behind restorative justice in schools, including learning circles, RP and remote learning, culturally sensitive practices, addressing defensiveness, RJ and bullying, and implementation Issues.

Advanced Training in Restorative Mediation & Conferencing*: ($195)
Saturday Feb. 26th
Participants will learn some of the advanced skills and topics in restorative mediation and conferencing, including holding mediations remotely, issues with teacher-student mediations and dealing with “shadow material”. Each roleplay will have an experienced coach.

Advanced Training in Active Implementation & Evaluation*:  ($195)
Saturday Mar. 12th
Participants will dive deeper into the critical issues and challenges behind implementing and evaluating restorative practices sustainably and with fidelity at the school or district level.

One Day: $195
Any Two Days: $350
All Three Days: $525

* Pre-requisite: You must have attended one of our trainings or a similar training in both length and content in the category you choose. Please email or call us if you’re unsure whether you qualify. Thanks!

(To download this year’s flyer, click here: Advanced Training RPS Flyer 2022)

All Classes:  8:25 (arrive time) 8:30 (start time) – 3:30 (end time)


Please contact us for more details or to hold an Advanced Training Institute in your area.

Randy Compton